02 – The Mountain Of Moses

02 – The Mountain Of Moses

Evidence For The Truth 02 – The Mountain Of Moses – Ryan Mauro – Sinai In Arabia.

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In our last Evidence video, called “The Red Sea Crossing” with Kevin Fisher, of Archeology Discovered, we looked at the recently discovered true crossing of the Red Sea by the people of Israel, during their escape from Egypt, through the Gulf of Aqaba, and to Mount Sinai in Arabia.

We saw where the Pillar of Fire by night melted the sand and turned it into glass. We saw the 4 % contour of the land under the water, which would have allowed the Israelites to have crossed relatively quickly and easily. We looked at remnants of chariots and chariot wheels under the water. We looked at pillars that were erected by King Solomon to commemorate where the Israelites had crossed. And we discovered that the Arabs living in the desert, had known that this was the true crossing place of the Israelites.

Today we are going to share with you a recent documentary video called “The Mountain Of Moses”, with Ryan Mauro.

We will continue to follow the journey of the children of Israel, from the eastern shore of the Gulf of Aqaba, and to Mount Sinai, the mountain of Moses,

For years people have identified a mountain in the Egyptian Peninsula as the site of the Biblical Mount Sinai, even though it is missing many of the necessary markers as described in the Bible.

Recently, a new location has been discovered, that has all of these markers, and has even been known for thousands of years as the Mountain of Moses, by the local residents.

It is the 8,460 foot mountain peak in Saudi Arabia – Jabal Maqla, the “Mountain of Almonds” as translated in English, in the Jabal al-Lawz mountain range in the northwestern part of the Islamic country near the Jordanian border.

You are going to be amazed, as you see pictures and videos of the split rock that burst forth water, the cave of Elijah, the altar where the golden calf was worshipped, the 12 pillars representing the 12 tribes of Israel, Hebrew symbols drawn on the rocks, and much more.

Share this video with your friends, and let them be encouraged with the truth also.


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