04 Adam And Eve Genetics

04 Adam And Eve Genetics

Evidence For The Truth 04 – Adam & Eve Genetics – Georgia Purdom.

Welcome to another episode of “Evidence For The Truth”.

This time we are going to look at the genetic evidence that there was actually two real, historical people, who were the mother and father of all of humanity. By comparing human and non-human DNA, and by comparing the mitochondrial DNA of people worldwide, observational science is showing that this is true, and more and more people are starting to accept this truth.

In this episode, called “Adam and Eve Genetics”, Dr. Georgia Purdom will present some starting evidence for us to consider. She has a PHD in Molecular Genetics from Ohio State University and has served as a Professor of Biology.

This video is taken from “Origins – Georgia Purdom – Adam & Eve Genetics”, https://youtu.be/pYi9-XmUoAw.

For more information, check out www.OriginsTV.org.

Click here to download an audio version of this teaching.


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