Sermons from July 2012

Pt 4 – Manifestations Of The Spirit

Understanding Spiritual Gifts Pt 4 – Manifestations Of The Spirit In this fourth and final part, entitled “The Manifestations Of The Spirit”, David Hibbert explains that the Manifestations Of The Holy Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12 are available for every Spirit-filled believer, what they are, and practical examples of how they function. A very challenging and inspiring message for every believer to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and walking in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit on a…

Love Is Not Fair

Love Is Not Fair In this video, Sandy Hartigan shares that true love — Biblical love, is not fair. True love accepts and forgives and goes beyond the extra mile, always doing much more than is fair. A very challenging video.

Pt 3 – Gifts Of The Son

Understanding Spiritual Gifts Pt 3 – Gifts Of The Son In this third part of “Understanding Spiritual Gifts”, David Hibbert looks at “The Gifts Of The Son” from Ephesians 4. He explains what they are, how they are expressed in the church and in the marketplace, and how you can discover which gifts you have. A very practical teaching for this important topic. Click HERE to download a gifts questionnaire. Click HERE to download a gifts comparison chart.

Pt 2 – Graces Of The Father

Understanding Spiritual Gifts Pt 2 – Graces Of The Father In this second part, “The Graces Of The Father”, David Hibbert explains the context of Romans 12, that of understanding God’s will for our lives, and then shows us how the Romans 12 Graces that the Father has given us can give us a clear understanding of God’s will for our lives. Click HERE to download a “Graces Of The Father” questionnaire.