Sermons from June 2013

The Imporance Of God’s Voice

The Importance Of God’s Voice In this very inspiring teaching, Rick Valentine shares his personal testimony of hearing God’s voice over the years. He shares how even hearing one word from God changes everything. And he teaches on the different ways that each one of us can hear God’s voice today.

Pt 2 – Preparing And Centering The Clay

The Potter’s Hands Pt 2 – Preparing And Centering The Clay In Part Two of this series, “Preparing & Centering The Clay”, Debby Baril introduces the first few steps of preparing the clay for the Potter’s Hands. Using the careful preparation methods that a potter uses to prepare and develop a quality clay, Debby draws out many practical spiritual applications for our own lives.

Four Training Exercises For Kingly Ministry

Four Training Exercises For Kingly Ministry In this teaching, Sammy shares from Revelation 3, that God has called us to be kings and priests. He shares that we have been taught a great deal on our priestly ministry, that of ministering to the Lord with worship and prayer, but what about our kingly ministry. In this humorous and very challenging message, Sammy shares four training exercises that David had to go to, and accomplish, in order to function in kingly…

Ministry Update And Play4Life

Ministry Update And Play4Life In this short video, Sammy shares some of his recent adventures, and the things that God has been teaching him. He then shares on Voice of Revival’s new ministry, that of Play4Life, which organizes recreational activities such as basketball and skateboarding, and then brings the glory of God to them, resulting in salvations, healings, and a pushing back of the kingdom of darkness.

Enjoy The Adventure

Enjoy The Adventure In this video, Eugene May looks at the verse “be filled with the Spirit”, sharing that this verse was written to Christians who were already Spirit-filled. Therefore the challenge is to live every day, filled with the Spirit, and led by the Spirit, so that our lives remain a daily supernatural adventure to be enjoyed.

God Will Bring You Through

God Will Bring You Through In this short video, Sherry May shares from the crossing of the Red Sea, that God will always bring you through, if you just don’t give up. Inspiring and encouraging.

Apostolic Commissioning For David Hibbert

Apostolic Commissioning For David Hibbert 2013-06-12 Apostle John Eckhardt shares incredible insights into the importance and support for Apostolic Ministry, and how it relates to the local church, and Apostle Eugene May shares on the functioning of the Apostle. Then John Eckhardt, Eugene May and David McCann commission Pastor David Hibbert into the Apostolic Ministry. This video presents a good example of the commissioning process.

Pt 1 – The Master Potter

The Potter’s Hands Pt 1 – The Master Potter In Part One of this series, Debby Baril introduces to us the Father God, the Master Potter, who desires to mould us like clay into a vessel of honour. The Master is a person, He has power over us, He has a divine plan, He has great patience, and He has a passion to make us into useful vessels.

Pt 4 – Responding God’s Way To Adversity

Ground Breakers Pt 4 – Responding God’s Way To Adversity In Part 4 of this series, “Responding God’s Way To Adverstiy”, David Hibbert explains God’s purpose for allowing adversity, and how to respond correctly to adversity, so that God’s purposes are accomplished in our lives. He also looks at the devastating consequences of allowing our hearts to harden, when adversity comes to us.