Sermons from July 2013

Pt 4 – The First Fire

The Potter’s Hands Pt 4 – The First Fire In part 4 of this series, entitled “The First Fire”, Debby Baril continues her series of comparing our character development process to the hands of a Potter on a lump of clay. In this message she looks at how the Potter prepares a kiln and puts the clay into the heat for a lengthy period, to strength the clay. Along the way she looks at how we must go through and…

How To Live A Restful Life

How To Life A Restful Life In this teaching, Marilyn Reed shares the antidote to all stress and anxiety … receiving God’s grace and embracing His rest. She looks at the hindrances to receiving God’s rest, the benefits of God’s rest, and then explains how to enter into God’s rest. Biblical, practical, and very encouraging.

Pt 3 – Drying The Clay

The Potter’s Hands Pt 3 – Drying The Clay In part 3 of this series, “Drying the Clay”, Debby Baril shares about how God tests our faith, endurance and character. She shares five specific character tests that each person must go through, in order to develop the character necessary to be a person that God can use for great fruitfulness. Very practical, very challenging, and very revealing.

How To Live As The Family Of God

How To Live As The Family Of God In this message, Mike Tracey explains what the family of God is, why it is so important, how it should function, and it’s many blessings. A very honest and encouraging message of the blessing of being part of God’s family.