Sermons from August 2013

Pt 6 – A Vessel Of Honour

The Potter’s Hands Pt 6 – A Vessel Of Honour In the final part of this series, Part 6, entitled “A Vessel Of Honour”, Debby Baril explains God’s ultimate purpose of moulding each of us as clay in His hands. He wants to make us into vessels of honour! Debby explains how we can co-operate with God in the final step of this process, so that each one of us can choose to be consecrated, Christ-filled, and commissioned to fulfill…

Pt 5 – The Second Fire

The Potter’s Hands Pt 5 – The Second Fire In part 5 of this series, entitled “The Second Fire”, Debby Baril continues her series of comparing our character development process to the hands of a Potter on a lump of clay. In this message she looks at the second fire that every pottery must go through, in order to receive the glaze, the unique formulation that makes the pottery truly beautiful. Using Scripture and very practical illustrations, she explains to…

Faith’s Foundation Of Love

Faith’s Foundation Of Love In this teaching, Marc Zampino shares how faith and love work together, and how love is indispensable, in order to see the miracles that God wants to do through us. He challenges us to pursue the Father at all costs, as our love will only grow and mature, as we connect intimately with Him.

Why Do Bad Things Happen To God’s People?

Why Do Bad Things Happen To God’s People? Why do God’s children suffer tragedy and loss? Why are we not exempt from suffering as the people of God? This message tries to give clarity to the questions that arise, when crises come our way.