Sermons from June 2015

Pt 1 – Understanding Father Wounds

Living As Children Of God – Pt 1 – Understanding Father Wounds – David Hibbert. Why is it difficult to connect with God in some areas of your life? Why are you having trouble overcoming certain struggles in your life? This message will answer these questions, and more.

Ashley Ruffin Testimony

Ashley Ruffin Testimony. A special testimony from Ashley Ruffin from “We Will Go Ministries” in Jackson, Mississippi. Highlights: God wants to “love you back to life”. You can’t be set free of things you won’t let go of. Revelation 12:11 – They overcame him (the devil) by … the word of their testimony. 1 Peter 2:11 – You are a chosen people … called out of darkness and into his wonderful light. God wants us to radiate His light, to…