Good News For Today 28 – Hugh Ross (2:03 min).

Good News For Today 28 – Hugh Ross (2:03 min).

Good News For Today 28 – Hugh Ross (2:03 min).

Hello, I’m David Hibbert, and I’ve got some good news for you!

Here’s how scientist Hugh Ross explained the gospel – the good news of Jesus Christ.

As we look out at the world, we see that there MUST be a God. The complexity of the world tells us that God is very intelligent, very wise, very loving, and also very just, because he has written his law on the heart of every human being.

When we look at that law written on our heart, we recognize that we cannot live up to that perfect standard. Our conscience reacts every time we violate God’s standard, even in the slightest.

But God is so powerful, He is so wise, and He is so loving. He will not leave us in a hopeless situation. Because only He is perfect, He himself must have provided the means by which we can overcome the imperfections within our heart.

God sent His Son to die on a cross, to pay the penalty for our shortfall of living up to that conscience that God has placed on our heart. He basically made an offer to give us His perfection, and trade it for our imperfection.

That offer is available to anyone who will make Jesus Christ the Lord and personal Saviour of their life. If we repent of our sins, and accept His payment, and put our trust in him, we will experience His salvation.

And that’s your Good News For Today!

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  1. Louisa

    John 3:3 Jesus answered him, “Very truly, I tell you, no one can (see) the Kingdom of God without being born from above.” (NRSV)

    For one to (See) the Kingdom of God, one must be Born of Above.
    To (See)The Kingdom of God is to Participate in the Kingdom of God.

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