Good News For Today 29 – Eric Hovind (1:53 min).

Good News For Today 29 – Eric Hovind (1:53 min).

Good News For Today 29 – Eric Hovind.

Hello, I’m David Hibbert, and I’ve got some good news for you!

Here’s how scientist Eric Hovind explained the gospel – the good news of Jesus Christ.

The gospel is very simple. The gospel is actually the story of what Jesus Christ did – His death, burial and resurrection.

Why do we need to know that? Because the Bible says that we are born into sin.

You don’t believe me? Just take a look at the law of God.

God’s law is perfect, and can convert our soul. God’s law says that if we have ever told a lie, we are going to have to pay the fine for that lie.

We might think, well, we only told one lie. So what’s the big deal? Well, the problem is that we don’t understand who we told that lie to.

If we tell a lie to our son, we can get away with it. If we tell a lie to a police officer, there are bigger consequences. If we tell a lie to a judge, we are in big trouble.

But if we tell a lie to the infinite creator of the universe, now we’ve got infinite punishment. So we need to repent of our sins against God, and trust in what Christ did on the cross when He paid for our salvation, because of our sins.

And that’s your Good News For Today!


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