Good News For Today 39 – Mark Dever

Good News For Today 39 – Mark Dever

Good News For Today 39 – Mark Dever.

Hello, I’m David Hibbert, and I’ve got some good news for you!

Here’s how Mark Dever explained the gospel – the good news of Jesus Christ.

The gospel is the great news that we as Christians have. The gospel is the story that God is not going to leave this world in the mess that it is currently in. God is going to, as it says in the Bible, make all things new.

Now, that’s not necessarily good news to me, unless I’m included in that. So, how do I get included in that? Well, I have to come to understand who God is, that I have a creator.

I have to come to understand what He’s like, that He is Holy and perfect, that He’s loving and merciful, but that I have sinned against Him.

I’ve separated myself from Him by my sin, and that, in His love and mercy, God could have simply allowed me an earthly life with some pleasures, and then let me fall forever under His judgment.

However, in His extraordinary, amazing, unparalleled, love, the Son of God has come and taken on flesh. Jesus of Nazareth was fully God and fully man, and He lived the life that I should have lived, in perfect fellowship with God, and He died a death that I deserved, because I haven’t lived a life in perfect fellowship with God.

Then, God raised Him from the dead, vindicating all the claims that He had made, about what His life and His death were about, and were for.

He calls me now to repent, to turn from my sins, and trust in Him as my Savior, so that that which I deserve I will NOT get, and that which He has deserved for me, will be given to me.

So, I have faith in Him, I trust Him. This is the good news, this is the gospel.

This is how I can participate in that re-creation that God will be about, that we read about at the end of the Bible, that’s just so marvelous.

And that’s your good news for today.


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