Obstacles Are Opportunities To Bear Fruit

Obstacles Are Opportunities To Bear Fruit

Obstacles Are Opportunities To Bear Fruit – Miranda Nelson.

Join Miranda for a very insightful message on how God uses obstacles to develop fruit in our lives. She looked mainly at Luke 8 (the storm), Joshua 5 (Joshua sends spies and finds Rahab) and Numbers 13 (even the fearful spies found good fruit). Here’s some highlights.

  • Habakkuk 2:2-3 – Write the vision
  • Decree a thing, and it will be esablished
  • Joshua 5 – The people didn’t lose hope.
  • Isaiah 55:8 – God’s ways are unusual.
  • Humility is laying down our ways for God’s.
  • Obstacles are opportunities to (1) Grow in relationship with God and learn to trust Him, and (2) Learn to use our authority.
  • Luke 8:22 – Let’s go to the other side, then the storm (obstacle)  came and Jesus said, “where is your faith?”
  • Joshua 5 – spies found Rahab, Rahab was a jewel to be discovered. God moves us to discover the jewels.
  • Every person we meet is a jewel to be discovered.
  • Numbers 13:20-30 – Moses sent spies into the enemy’s land to get fruit!
  • The others saw the giants, not the fruit. Caleb said “we will surely overcome”.
  • As we minister, we reap the fruit that Jesus died for.
  • Faith is believing exactly what God said, by His word and His Spirit.
  • The fruit is found through obedience.


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