Pt 2 – Ministering On Behalf Of Jesus

Pt 2 – Ministering On Behalf Of Jesus

The Church Jesus Is Building – Pt 2 – Ministering On Behalf Of Jesus – Ralph Howe – 2020-11-28.


Jesus told us that He would build His Church (Matthew 16:18). He had a specific task for His Church to complete for Him. And, He had a design for His Church – the way it would be built so as to allow it to express His resurrection life in the world. His design included every aspect of the life of the Church. Built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets the Church would minister in power continuing the five ministries that Jesus fulfilled while ministering with His disciples. Only the fullness of the Lord’s five-fold ministry will complete the task He left us and defeat the work of the devil in the world today.

Session 2 – Ministering On Behalf Of Jesus – Redesigning For “The Priesthood Of All Believers”.

In the second teaching Ralph will lead us in an examination of the structure of the Church. Since about the year 300 A.D. the Church has been designed by man and has not been built on the biblical model that was laid out for us in the New Testament. We will look briefly at the various ways the Church has been built and then look in detail at the exciting and dynamic way that it was meant to be designed. A design that would enable the “priesthood of all believers” to fulfill the amazing calling that is on their lives.


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