Pt 2 – Thought Life

Pt 2 – Thought Life

The Truth Will Make You Free 02 The Believer’s Battle – Pt 2 – Thought Life – David Hibbert.

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If Biblical truth is so powerful and liberating, why do Christians continue to struggle? Did not Jesus promise us that “the truth will make you free” (John 8:32)? In this very practical and life-transforming series – “The Truth Will Make You Free”, David Hibbert will explain WHAT the truth is and HOW the truth will make us free, so that we can COOPERATE WITH with the truth, and finally EXPERIENCE our promised FREEDOM!

Part 2 – Thought Life – In this teaching we will discover the spiritual battle that we are are all involved in, and how the devil puts lies in our minds in order to influence us, and put us into bondage. Then we will learn a Biblical strategy for removing those negative thoughts, and getting free. Let’s all learn how to turn our “thought life” into true “thoughts of life”.


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