Pt 2 – Un dieu dansant: pourquoi?

Pt 2 – Un dieu dansant: pourquoi?

Découvrir l’amour de Dieu – Pt 2 – Un dieu dansant: pourquoi? – David McCann.

Discovering God’s Love – Pt 2 – A Dancing God: Why? – David McCann.

Did you know that the Bible describes God’s joy over us as a wild, abandoned, dancing joy. This a wonderful piece of the message of the Minor Prophet, Zephaniah.

But the real question we hope to answer is this: “Why in Heaven would God actually dance because of me?” He sees everything. He knows my best and worst days. Come and find out why God dances over you. (Hint: ישׁועה, σώζω).


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