Pt 5 – Our Call To Communicate In Prayer – A

Pt 5 – Our Call To Communicate In Prayer – A

Our Call To Prayer – Pt 5 – Our Call To Communicate In Prayer – Kathy Hibbert.

God has revealed Himself in many ways, such as Father, Friend and Judge. But we communicate to people in each of those roles differently. Come and discover how to best communicate with God in each of His roles.

In this series, you will learn very insightful and practical skills for increasing your prayer effectiveness, and for inspiring you to respond to your call to prayer.

Click here to download an audio version of the teaching (MP3).

Click here to download the teaching outline (PDF).

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  1. Louisa

    Thank you Pastor Kathy for this Teaching on different steps to help us Communicate.
    We are living in a world where Communication is amped-up technically but down emotionally.
    We thank Our God that we able to communicate our
    joys, our concerns, our experiences and requests
    in Prayer to Him because we are anchored in and by Truth, the Truth of Scripture.

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