Pt 9B – Our Call to Pray From The Heavenly Realm

Pt 9B – Our Call to Pray From The Heavenly Realm

Our Call To Prayer – Pt 9B – Our Call to Pray From The Heavenly Realm – Sandy Hartigan – 2021-07-25.

As citizens of heaven, we have supernatural access into God’s Heavenly Realms. The border between heaven and earth is always open to those whose passports have been sanctified. Have you used yours lately? Let’s look at how we can operate with the Supernatural realm to bring His Kingdom into our earthly realm.

Join us for our teaching series, “Our Call To Prayer”. In this series, you will learn very insightful and practical skills for increasing your prayer effectiveness, and for inspiring you to respond to your call to prayer.

Click here to download an audio version of the teaching (MP3).

Click here to download the teaching outline (PDF).

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  1. Louisa Ciarallo

    We are blessed to belong to the Family of God; blessed to be Free to come to the Throne of Grace;
    privileged to ask for and receive Heavenly Help.
    It is written : 1 Thess 5:17 “pray without ceasing’
    Prayer is our Lifeline, our Communion with God.
    He works through our prayers if we ask according to His Will. Prayer is Worship : “Your Will be done, Your Kingdom come” ” In Your Name we pray” Amen.
    Thank you for these important teachings on Prayer, Pastor Sandy.

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