Session 7 – The Five Seasons Of Marriage Summary

Session 7 – The Five Seasons Of Marriage Summary

2020-09-08 – The Five Seasons Of Marriage – Session 7 – Summary – David Hibbert.

The Seasons Of Marriage are predictable and necessary stages involving the physical, emotional, relational, and the spiritual. Through them, partners journey toward the lifetime goal of growth as individuals and as a couple.

There are 5 distinct seasons or stages through which marriage matures from developmental stage to stage – from season to season – according to the number of years it has existed.

The passages are as follows:

The First Season – Romantic Love (or young love), the first 2 years.

The Second Season – Realistic Love, the 3rd through the 10th year.

The Third Passage — Relaxed Love (or comfortable love), the 11th through the 25th year.

The Fourth Season – Renewing Love, the 26th through the 35th year.

The Fifth Season – Remarkable Love (or transcendent Love), 36 years and up.

This series will give you the understanding you need, to know why your marriage may be struggling, and the tools you need, to bring your marriage back to health.


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