Worth [3:10 min] – I Have Worth (Spoken Word)

From the day I was born I had one question that plagued my mind and it wouldn’t leave me. So, my late night hours I would try to find a kind of answer to this uncertainty of mine. … Do I have worth?

So, I did all I could to prove that I did. I practiced, I prepared and I performed. Sometimes I performed well and my worth appreciated, and I knew it because others would tell me. They told me that I mattered, they told me that I was valued, they told me that I was seen. But there was a dark side to these reactions, a cause for personal retraction, a reason that instilled fear behind this glamorous veneer. … Sometimes I failed.

Sometimes I performed poorly and my worth depreciated and I knew it because others would tell me. They told me that I messed up, they told me that I had no value, they told me that I was clearly seen, or rather that my mistakes were. So, the thought that plagued my mind and never declined, it only increased like a plus sign. … Do I have worth?

At times, it felt like I did, and other times it felt like I didn’t. And I was crushed in the confusion of my chaos. Then that day came. I felt worthless. Like a computer that kept crashing, like an engineer that kept rehashing, like a newlywed couple that kept clashing. … I was worthless. … Or at least I thought I was.

Then these words hit me. … God doesn’t make junk.

It was hard to admit because I was completely unfit. I was about to lose it as I heard the words of this skit, the words that would later acquit me. … “God, doesn’t make junk.”

A beautiful creature created in the hands of a magnificent creator. And nothing will change this past, present or future. … I have worth.

I may fail 100 times, I may fail 1000 times, I may fail 10,000 times, but nothing will change the truth that has liberated this heart of mine … that I have worth.

And today, I boldly proclaim the conclusion to the question that crushed me like cancer, that freed me when I found the answer … that I have worth.

And so do you … because God has created you with worth.


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