About Us: What To Expect

About Us: What To Expect

We have a Passion for God and a Compassion for People!

So in every church service, you will see us worshipping God with enthusiasm, emotion, and joy. We desire to please God with our worship, and so we seek to worship Him each week in a way that pleases Him. Therefore each week our worship will be somewhat different, seeking to allow Him to direct us as we focus on Him.

After about 40 minutes, we worship God with our finances, and we also take time to communicate upcoming events and testify to what God has been doing.

Then we send our children to age-appropriate classes — preschool, primary, and young teen — for practical teaching. Young and old adults stay in our main auditorium, and receive a message that is practical, relevant, and timely (with simultaneous translation into French).

We are an English-speaking congregation that tries to reflect our community, and so we are multi-culture in nature, which affects our music, and our ministry.