Ministries: World

Ministries: World

We are involved in the following endeavours around the world:

Benevolent Ministries

Concerning Benevolent Ministries, our policy is to invest in the training and equipping of third-world people, so that they can start micro-businesses and become self-sufficient. Over the years, this has meant investing in such things as:

  • Drilling clean water wells.
  • Purchasing and installing electrical transformers to power facilities.
  • Purchasing and giving fish farms, rice fields, sugar cane fields, coconut fields, and corn fields to plant and harvest crops.
  • Purchasing and giving farm animals to start micro-businesses.

In addition, we work with the following indigenous organizations:

1.  Gospel For Asia Christmas Crittters Campaign

Gospel for Asia Christmas Critters Campaign facilitates people to purchase and give farm animals and equipment so that 3rd world people can start micro-businesses.

2. Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child facilitates people to purchase small Christmas gifts to send to 3rd world countries to children who otherwise may not receive any gifts at Christmas.

World Missions

Concerning World Missions, our policy is to find credible, effective and accountable indigineous organizations, and partner with them to bring the gospel to their own people. Although we do some evangelism and local church ministry overseas, our primary goal is to train local church leaders in ministry skills, and then allow them to do what they do best … reach their own people.

Presently, we work with the following indigenous organizations:

1.  Faith Island Mission Inc. – Philippines

2.  Davis World Missions – Mexico

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  1. Ahmad

    Beautiful video! Bless you and your family for spraideng the word of God & carrying out his work. New blog follower here & I cant wait to read you future posts 🙂

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