About Us: A Brief History

About Us: A Brief History

Move to Brossard – May 1990

David & Kathy Hibbert moved to Brossard, Quebec from Peterborough, Ontario on May 1 of 1990 with two children, Kristen (aged 5) and Thomas (aged 2). Their mandate from God was to start an Apostolic Resource Centre (a training and equipping centre) on the South Shore of Montreal. Six weeks later Kaylea was born. David worked part-time as a conscierge (building superintendent) of a 68 unit apartment building, and also did house renovations during those first few years.

Home Prayer Meeting Started – June 1990

Within 2 months, prayer meetings were started in their apartment, and a core group was formed.

Corporate Gatherings Started – August 1990

1. 1st Location — Rome Boulevard — Centre Intersection Jeunesse

On August 19th of 1990 church services were started on the 2nd story of a youth centre on Rome Boulevard in Brossard, called “Centre Intersection Jeunesse”. One room was rented for our church service, and one room for Sunday school.

2. Second Location — Rue Nadeau — Ecole Emile Nelligan

Early in the new year of 1991, we moved to a School, Emile Nelligan in Brossard, and rented 3 rooms there; a large room for our church service, and 2 rooms for our growing Sunday school classes.

3. Third location — Plaza Grande Allee

By the spring of 1992 we were getting crowded, and so began looking for a full-time building. We contacted a realtor, who was trying to find renters for a strip mall at 5615 Grande Allee in Brossard. He showed us a unit, 5600 square feet (the fair market cost would have been about $ 8000 a month) . We said “thank you”, but there’s no way we could afford this location. He said, “Make an offer”, and so we said, “$ 500 per month”. Instead of laughing at us, he told us he’d ask the owner, and 2 day later he told us they had accepted. What an amazing provision from God! It took us 3 months to get permission from city hall to move into this building, and the realtor even agreed to pay the $ 2000 fee to have the building rezoned so that we could meet there. On October 18, 1992, we moved into that building.

4. Fourth Location – St. Margaret Of Antioch Anglican Church Parish Hall

After 22 1/2 years at our previous building, our new landlord (the mall had been sold) informed us that he was renting the whole end of our mall to a Dollarama, and we were given notice to leave. Within 3 weeks we obtained a new building for Sunday services (4955 Montée Saint-Hubert, Saint-Hubert) and we were able to rent office space at an office building right next to the parish hall (4989 Montée Saint-Hubert, Saint-Hubert). Again, an amazing provision of God!

5. Fifth Location – St. Joseph Of Nazareth Anglican Church

During our short time at St. Margaret’s, the Lord told us that we would be moving back to Brossard, we would be very close to the St. Lawrence River, and that the provision would come through an old acquaintance. Within a couple of months the Lord led us to the Pastor of St. Joseph’s Church, an old acquaintance of ours, who was Pastoring a congregation in Brossard, very close to the St. Lawrence River. So after 8 months at St. Margaret’s Church, we moved into St. Joseph’s Church, and are now sharing the building with them. God continues to lead, provide and bless!

Milestone events

1. Outreach

In those early years, we had a lot of favour in our community, and did many outreaches, and visited a few thousand people door to door over a 4 year period. By the mid 1990s we held a Summer Kids Program each summer, and saw over 100 children come to one of our camps.

2. Prophetic

At the same time God started to use us to speak prophetically over other people, and by the mid 1990s, we were hosting prophetic events, and holding prophetic schools for the region.

3. Inner Healing

At the same time God gave us insight into inner healing, and over the years we have seen hundreds of people, including pastoral couples, experience inner healing, deliverance and refreshing with us.

4. Renewal

As most people know, the Toronto Airport Vineyard church experienced a visitation of God in January of 1994. A year later, in March of 1995, that visitation came to our church, and for 6 months we saw people saved, healed, filled with the Spirit and delivered on a weekly basis.

5. Healing For The Sick

In 1998 we began to seek God for insight on healing for the sick, and began to see people healed in our services. We began to train people in healing ministry by the year 2000.

6. Missions

Also in the year 2000, we began sending out Missions Teams, and have sent teams to Africa (Nigeria, Malawi), East Asia (the Philippines), Eastern Europe (Romania), Central America (Mexico, Honduras), West Indies (Haiti), Inner City (New York City; Brunswick, Maine), First Nations Quebec (Mistissini and Oujé-Bougoumou), and Regional Towns (Bedford, Knowlton).

We have also provided Missions Support in Africa (Uganda), East Asia (the Philippines), West Indies (Haiti, the Dominican Republic), , etc.

7. Equipping

Equipping has always been a big part of this congregation’s ministry, and over the years we have hosted many, many difference schools.

a) School Of Prophetic Ministry
b) School of Healing
c) School of Prayer and Intercession
d) School of Practical Theology
e) School Of Supernatural Ministry

At the same time we have hosted our “Christian Essentials Courses” — Liberty, Intimacy, Identity, Authority and Prosperity”, and our “Family Foundations Courses” — Pre-Marriage, Marriage Course, Finance Course, and Parenting Course on a reoccuring basis.

8. Conferences

Also, conferences have always been a part of our ministry, and through our conferences we introduced the region to people such as Eugene May, Chuck Clayton, John Eckhardt, Jerame & Miranda Nelson, Shawn Botz, Bev & Tony Rezendes, Craig Fasler, Belma Vardy, Bob Edwards, Richard Long, Henry Wright, Eli Miller, Charlie & Sammy Robinson, and Ian Andrews. They have taught on many topics, such as Identity In Christ, Healing, Deliverance, Evangelism, Prophecy, Worship, Leadership, Flagging, Interpretive Dance, and many more.


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