Ministry – EntreNet

Ministry – EntreNet


EntreNet Quebec (Entrepreneurs’ Network Quebec) was birthed out of a vision from God, to encourage Christians to start their own businesses in the marketplace, and give them the tools, encouragement, and prayer support that they need to be successful.

EntreNet hosts a monthly gathering, to help Christians who are thinking about starting a business, or trying to start businesses, or who have already started a small business and would like to grow it.

EntreNet also sponsors occasional, half-day seminars to bring more systematic training on a specific theme (marketing, planning, management, etc.).

EntreNet also hosts a yearly “Kingdom Business Conference” to bring together a few different qualified speakers to share vision, tools and encouragement in a half-day conference format.


Below are the recordings of our EntreNet meetings. You may watch the video (YouTube) or download the audio (MP3) and the Powerpoint (PPT / PDF).

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2022-09-15Vision For Entrenet – David Hibbert.VideoAudioPPTPDF
2022-10-20Strategic Planning – Sorelle Passo.VideoAudioPPTPDF
2022-11-10The 7 Mountains – Steven Hwang.VideoAudioPPTPDF
2022-12-08Goal Setting – David Hibbert.VideoAudioPPTPDF
2023-01Creating Your Destiny – William Mitchell.VideoAudio
2023-02The Importance Of Vision – Steven Hwang.VideoAudioPPTPDF
2023-03Reaching Your Vision – David Hibbert.VideoAudioPPTPDF
2023-05-11Wealth-Building Presentation – Chris Biernacki.VideoAudioPDF
2023-06-015 Essential Laws Of Growth In Life And Leadership – Steven Hwang.VideoAudioPPTPDF
2023-06-15Purchasing Tax Sale Properties (In The U.S). – Dan Dyer.VideoAudioPPTPDF
* Attorney: Bill Bronchick – Denver, Colorado.
* Dan’s Website:
* Tax Sale Properties Listing Montreal:
* Tax Sale Properties Listing Canada:
2023-06-29Four Essential Leadership Skills & Convergence – Steven Hwang.VideoAudioPPTPDF
2023-10-05Resources For Entrepreneurs In Montreal & Ellevate – Syncia ChanVideoAudioPPTPDF
2023-11-02Core Values For Entrepreneurs – David HibbertVideoAudioPPTPDF
2023 -11-30Creative Direction For Solo Entrepreneurs – Claude RoyVideoAudioPPTPDF