Sermons by Debby Baril

Audacious Hope

Audacious Hope – Debby Baril. Click on this link to download an audio version of this teaching (MP3). In this message Debby Baril reminds us that hope is a precious gift that enables us to look beyond hardships, with a confident expectation built on the faithfulness and promises of God.

What Language Do You Speak?

What Language Do You Speak? – Debby Baril. Are you living with a God-ward focus that enables you to speak the language of gratitude? Gratitude is essential in releasing life and joy in every circumstance. Join us as Debby Baril asks the question, “What Language Do You Speak?“, and then gives practical tips on how you can improve your language skills. Click here to download an audio version of this teaching (MP3).

The Father Of Lights, Giver Of Good Gifts

Debby Baril – The Father Of Lights, Giver Of Good Gifts – 2022-06-19. In this message, Debby Baril explores the gifts of Inclusion (Belonging), Immunity (Freedom), and Inheritance, given by our Heavenly Father. Click here to download an audio version of this teaching (MP3).

Hope Of All Nations

Hope Of All Nations – Debby Baril. Is there any hope? In this message we learn about the Hope of all Nations and how through His birth He showed that He is with us; through His death He demonstrated He is for us; and through His resurrection He made it possible to be in us, now making us carriers of hope.

God’s Hidden Pathways

God’s Hidden Pathways – Debby Baril. The Bible says God’s way is perfect; to us they are often hidden and mysterious. In this message discover how we can trust God’s hidden pathways of power and wisdom.

Kingdom Ambassadors

Kingdom Ambassadors – Debby Baril. Called by God as Kingdom Ambassadors, learn how we are sent in His Name, by His Spirit, and with His Word to represent Him with boldness and courage in this world.

The Unshakeable Kingdom

The Unshakeable Kingdom – Debby Baril. In a day when all things that can be shaken are being shaken, we are reminded that we belong to an unshakeable Kingdom. Learn about three important graces that help us stand firm when everything around seems to be falling apart.

Our Heavenly Shepherd

Our Heavenly Shepherd – Debby Baril. In a time of uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that we have a Heavenly Shepherd who cares for our souls. In this message we will join King David in making the declaration, “The Lord is my Shepherd” and a decision, “I shall not lack!”